Acupuncture can be utilized for the following:

  • Muscles injuries
  • Pain relief
  • Treatment of addictions
  • Adjusting the body’s internal environment
  • Enhancement of the immune system
  • Anxiety, insomnia and other neurological disorders

There are many more uses for acupuncture. Speak with Dr Kanwal directly to find out if Acupuncture is the right treatment for you.

About Acupuncture

In 1972, a reporter covering the Nixon Campaign received acupuncture to treat an abdominal condition, while covering Nixon’s visit to China. This visit, which obviously must have been quite successful, started a wave of western interest in an ancient healing practice.

In medicine in general, we know very little how the nervous system functions and how it is related to disease. The fact that acupuncture is useful in the treatment of so many disorders also makes it difficult to narrow down exactly how it works. It has been coined as a “neuro-physiological phenomenon” by some. Today, the question is not whether acupuncture works, but rather, how it works. The evidence of its success is too widespread and historically documented for there to be an argument against it taking a place in modern healing practices.

Acupuncture utilizes needles, electricity or a cold laser beam to stimulate certain points of the body. The ancient Chinese were the first to document their existence and modern science has demonstrated that these points are areas of altered electrical resistance. The needles used are extremely fine and the process is often painless.